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How Did the Government Affect Veterans’ Living with PTSD? Part 1

The following was written by a guest blogger.  If you’re interested in guest blogger, click here. By George Fairbrother   Factors impacting on an ability to cope following horrendous war experiences are varied and incredibly complex.  But to explore just one in isolation: What effect might peacetime social and economic conditions, and the perceived attitude […]

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5 Things I Learned While Writing A Tale of Two Nations

If you’ve been studying a subject for as long as I have, you might not think there is anything left to discover or surprise. I’ve been studying World War I and how it changed the lives of ordinary people since I was a teenager. When I embarked on writing A Tale of Two Nations, my […]

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Shell Shock Afflicted Healthy Men: PTSD During WW1

Post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) was not a diagnosis during World War One, and psychiatry was a relatively new medical discipline. No one knew how intense stress affects the mind.  Not long after the war began, a new disease — first coined shell shock in 1915 but not in common use until later — began showing up […]

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