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An Excerpt From The Exsanguination of the Second Society

The following is an excerpt of The Exsanguination of the Second Society: Scholarly Historical Fiction Relating to Robeson County, North Carolina’s Tuscaroras by Stephanie M. Sellers.  It is from Chapter 5: The Good-Old-Boys Club Sucks Now. It was provided by the author. Miss Lucy found eggs and canned biscuits in the refrigerator and had breakfast […]

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An Interview with Stephanie M. Sellers

Stephanie M. Sellers describes her hobbies as “country.”  She enjoys gardening – including growing hemp and raising “Thanksgiving” and “Christmas” Bronze Breasted turkeys –  caring for dogs, hiking, and horses. Everything she likes, except writing, she says, involves getting dirty.  In the summer, she can go through three outfits a day. Sellers has been writing […]

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