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Swimming in the 1900s: Learn Suspended Midair by Wires

Spending time swimming is something most of us expect to do when we go on vacation. Many wealthy and upper-middle-class households even have pools that can be used on a daily basis. That wasn’t the case 100 years ago. (This post is a companion piece to Melina Druga’s WWI Trilogy, Angel of Mercy, Those Left Behind […]

Edwardian era Hettie's World History Victorian era

Vacations in the Early 20th Century: Affluent Cottages to a Day at the Beach

Summer vacation is something most of us look forward to every year. It’s a time to get away, relax, see new places and do new things.  But have you ever stopped to think what vacations were like in past centuries? Did you realize that there was a time when people did not vacation? (This post is […]

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