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How the Bicycle, and Bloomers, Changed the 1890s

The bicycle is a simple invention, but for woman, it became a symbol of freedom, mobility and athleticism.  For society, it became a symbol of change and upsetting the status quo. The bicycle craze of the 1890s began with the introduction of the “safety bicycle.” Although bicycles had been produced before, these newer versions had […]

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Adultery and the Double Standard

There has always been a double standard when it comes to the battle of the sexes. Nowhere is this more evident in the Victorian age than when it comes to sexual intercourse itself. Victorians didn’t openly talk about sex, but it governed their lives. Sexual attitudes dictated clothing and decorating styles. Attitudes also necessitated the […]

History Lucretia's World Victorian era Women's history

Naughty Nudes

Warning: This post features antique photographs of nudes. The Victorians gave us many things: the white wedding dress, air conditioning, the concept of childhood, the automobile, increased women’s rights and the telephone, just to name a few. They also gave us pornography. Yes, pornography. Soon after the invention of photography, the erotic industry was born. “The Victorian period […]

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