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Edwardian Wedding Fashion and Traditions

As the new century dawned in 1901, fashion was quickly changing.  Soon hemlines would rise while necklines would fall, and dress styles began to hug a woman’s body.  Wedding fashions, however, did not change as drastically and were somewhat behind the times compared to streetwear.  Wedding traditions, on the other hand, are surprisingly recognizable.  Let’s […]

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The History of the Corset: A Slave to Fashion

The corset is probably considered the most uncomfortable garment ever invented, not only because it constricts the body, but also because it is symbolic of women being constricted in society.  Was this true, or is it a stereotype? Corsets have been part of a woman’s wardrobe since antiquity.  Over the centuries, they evolved and changed. The […]

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The Iconic Gibson Girl: The Feminine Ideal of the 1890s

Even if you don’t know much about the history of advertising, you’ve probably heard of the Gibson Girl.  She represented the feminine ideal of the 1890s and was the first media image of an ideal woman, establishing society’s preference for an hourglass figure and portraying the image of the girl next door. Illustrator Charles Dana Gibson developed […]

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Swimming in the 1900s: Learn Suspended Midair by Wires

Spending time swimming is something most of us expect to do when we go on vacation. Many wealthy and upper-middle-class households even have pools that can be used on a daily basis. That wasn’t the case 100 years ago. People could only swim at public pools and in natural bodies of water. Victorian Swimming Lessons […]

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The Victorian Language of Flowers: A Secret Code

Today, giving flowers is a popular Valentine’s Day gift. A little more than a century ago, however, flowers were more than simply beautiful gifts. The type of flower given, even how the flowers were arranged, sent messages in a secret code. This is known as florigraphy, the language of flowers. The purpose of these secret […]

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How the Bicycle, and Bloomers, Changed the 1890s

The bicycle is a simple invention, but for woman, it became a symbol of freedom, mobility and athleticism.  For society, it became a symbol of change and upsetting the status quo. The bicycle craze of the 1890s began with the introduction of the “safety bicycle.” Although bicycles had been produced before, these newer versions had […]

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World War One Changed Women’s Fashions

World War I brought about many changes for women, including suffrage and greater workplace freedom. Another area of change during this period was women’s fashion. When the 1910s began, styles were very similar to those of the previous decade. Clothing, however, was beginning to show the shape of the female body, with the S-shape curve […]

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