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History Women's history World War One

Gabrielle Petit: Belgian Symbol of Martyrdom and Wartime Resistance

Gabrielle Petit was born February 20, 1893, in Tournai, Belgium. Born into a working class family, Petit had a difficult childhood. She worked several jobs and had no permanent residence until she was taken in by a benefactor. World War One When war broke out, Petit volunteered for the Belgian Red Cross. Later that year, […]

History Women's history World War One

Mata Hari: Spy and Double Agent, or Falsely Accused?

Mata Hari is World War One’s best known spy, but is this designation deserved? “For the past 100 years, Mata Hari has been revered as the ultimate femme fatale — the seductive, glamorous exotic dancer who spied for the Germans during World War I and caused the deaths of thousands of Allied soldiers,” the Washington Post […]

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