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Hettie's World History World War One

History of the Tank: A New Weapon of War

Humans are naturally prone to ingenuity. We find solutions to problems, but sometimes the solutions cause new problems. Case in point: World War I. The technology of the previous few decades created dreadnoughts, chemical weapons, improved machine guns and cannons.  Basically it became easier to kill.  Another new weapon was the tank. Tank Development The […]

Hettie's World History World War One

German Zeppelin and Airplane Raids: Terror From the Skies

For the first time in history, civilians discovered that it wasn’t just soldiers who were in danger.  During World War I, new weapons of war made it possible to conduct air raids on civilians.  The majority of these raids were directed at Great Britain, but Paris and other locations also faced bombardment. Zeppelin Air Raids Zeppelins […]

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World War I Flying Aces

During World War I, the airplane became a new weapon of war.  It was less than two decades old, and was used originally for reconnaissance.  It didn’t take long for planes’ value in battle to be recognized.  Soon, people on the home front had a new hero — flying aces. Being a fighter pilot was […]

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