The Christmas Gift

Set during the events of Family Upheaval, the last holiday novella in The Rock Star’s Wife follows the Economos siblings and their mother as they try to find something to celebrate during the most wonderful time of the year.

Now that her lousy husband is out of the picture, Daria Economos is facing a wide-open future. This hardly feels like a new beginning, however. She never expected to be starting over in her twilight years; she’s a grandmother for heaven’s sake, an old fogy! Even with the holidays right around the corner, Daria just can’t seem to drum up anything to feel thankful for.

She’s not the only one struggling. Her adult children are still reckoning with the revelation that they have four half-siblings out there in the world — newfound family members they’ve come to love, for better or worse. And for Daria’s oldest son, the fear that the sins of the father might be genetic is very real…

The Economoses’ first Christmas as a broken family is fast approaching. Can this once-close clan make peace with their own hurt feelings, or is the holiday cheer gone for good?

The Christmas Gift by Melina Druga

Coming September 2026