The Pandemic Diaries

Cassandra and Nat Hardwick never let his demanding touring schedule get in the way of their romance. But will spending lockdown together put their relationship on the ropes?

Nat Hardwick’s career has kept him away from home for much of his marriage to Cassie, but the two have never had trouble keeping the spark alive. Now that COVID-19 has shut down the country, Nat’s band has been forced to suspend its current tour, which means he’ll be home for the foreseeable future.

Not that anything feels “foreseeable” with the pandemic ravaging the globe. The Hardwick kids are in existential crisis, and their parents aren’t faring much better. Carving out privacy has never been a problem before, but being packed in the house like sardines frustrates Cassie and her husband at every turn.

With COVID closing in, the Hardwicks must weather all the pandemic’s greatest hits, including a toilet paper shortage, a scandalous Zoom call, the rising death toll, and the realization that things may never go back to “normal.”

As heartfelt, hilarious, and high heat as its predecessors, this new installment in The Rock Star’s Wife series takes readers through the ups and downs of pandemic life, as seen through Cassie’s ever-observant eye.

The Pandemic Diaries by Melina Druga

Coming February 2026