Those Those Behind

Those Left Behind

Change isn’t always for the best. Just ask the Stewards.

1914. The Steward family is eagerly preparing for the event that will forever bind them to the Bartlettes: the wedding of Hettie and Geoffrey. Little do the families know that the winds of war brewing in Europe soon will rip them apart.

Hettie and her brother, Freddie, join the Canadian Army Medical Corps. This decision is met with resistance and disapproval, causing a rift in the siblings’ relationship with their parents.

Meanwhile, a decades-long friendship is tested, two other daughters’ marriages are in tatters, and the scourge of influenza sweeps through the civilian population.

Will the Stewards bend under pressure or become stronger and more resilient?

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Praise for Those Left Behind

Druga pens a wonderfully historical story in Those Left Behind, as part of her WWI series. I read the one that came before it, and though I liked that one, I absolutely loved this one. The characters, the Stewards, continue in this story from the one before. This author brings the many stories within the to life. It's 1914, and the lives of the Steward family and the Bartlettes are coming together, but with the war lingering around their lives, there is great tension. It's a story of survival as well as family, and how to overcome obstacles, and deal with what life throws at you. It is always a joy to read this author's stories. This author is not just a writer but a great storyteller. Magnificent story, kept this reader turning the pages. An inspiring story. I look forward to reading many more stories by this author.
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Amy Shannon
Amy's Bookshelf Reviews
Primary sources such as these formed many of the ways people expressed themselves in this time period, so the presence of letters and journal entries as ways to show character and plot developments makes sense. There’s a nice balance of letters and dialogue/action scenes, so the pace kept me reading. Although the years of WWI felt like a slog for Hettie’s family, I didn’t get that sense as a reader. I was interested throughout and curious about what came next. Fans of historical fiction will likely love this book as will those who like narrative nonfiction like that of Erik Larson. Highly recommended.
Lavendar Lilly
Amazon reviewer
There was quite a bit going on in this book, but it was easy to follow. It was so well written. As in Angel of Mercy, I enjoyed the incorporation of the letters and the journal entries as well. They really add to the story.
Shantell A
Goodreads reviewer
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