World War One Casualty Rates

Seven World War One amputees sitting in chairs

World War One Casualty Rates

Soldiers convalescing at a World War One military hospital
Soldiers convalescing at a World War One military hospital

Author’s note: World War I casualty rates often vary from source to source. Those wounded or taken prison are grouped together under “casualty.” Those who died of wounds or disease are group together under “killed.” Not all participants are listed.

British Empire: 8.9 million mobilized; 908,371 killed; 2.1 million casualties

Germany: 11 million mobilized; 1.7 million killed; 5.3 million casualties

France: 8.4 million mobilized; 1.3 million killed; 4.7 million casualties

Austria-Hungary: 7.8 million mobilized; 1.2 million killed; 5.8 million casualties

Russia: 12 million mobilized; 1.7 million killed; 7.4 million casualties

Ottoman Empire: 2.8 million mobilized; 325,000 killed; 5.3 million casualties

Belgium: 267,000 mobilized; 13,716 killed; 79,345 casualties

Bulgaria: 1.2 million mobilized; 87,500 killed; 179,419 casualties

Serbia: 707,343 mobilized; 45,000 killed; 286,106 casualties

Japan: 800,000 mobilized; 300 killed; 910 casualties

Romania: 750,000 mobilized; 335,706 killed; 200,000 casualties

United States: 4.3 million mobilized; 116,516 killed; 208,502 casualties


Updated: 26 October 2020
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